Creating islands of peace in Afghanistan


by Allan Erickson


Full story here.


“I supported the war in Afghanistan because 3000 of our people were murdered and I thought we had a right to defend the people of the United States.”        Howard Dean

After 9/11 there was perhaps one person in America opposed to invading Afghanistan to fight bin Laden and al Qaeda and hold them accountable for the savagery of that day.  In short order our incomparable military kicked the hell out of the Taliban, decimated al Qaeda, and freed millions of Afghans from tyranny, bringing elections sooner than in Iraq, opening schools, building hospitals, forwarding women’s rights, helping the people along the road to freedom.

Do we still have a right to defend ourselves? Are we still there to destroy al Qaeda and the Taliban?  Are we there to nation build? Are we there to put pressure on Iran? Are we there to provide support to Iraq?

President Obama’s main military general in Afghanistan, McChrystal, says time is running out.  With a resurgence of Taliban and al Qaeda activity, without 40,000 more American troops, he tells the President Afghanistan is lost.


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