Uncle Sam as mother hen


By Allan Erickson


Full column here.

It is clear Mr. Obama & Co. never spent much time on the farm. These folks never learned not to step in it. Ever since Jan. 20 this man and his pals have stepped in one pile after another, piles they make for themselves.

And for us.

Public service indeed.

The House just passed a bill (vote 220-215) paving the way for the federal government to take over the healthcare industry. It is expected the Senate will step in the pile and the President will sign it. In short order costs will increase, quality of care will plummet, access will not improve, and the government will have another massive, bankrupt bureacracy on its hands, and on our backs. Did you know if you don’t comply with the provisions of ObamaCare, you will be charged with a felony?

For all the rational reasons to mourn this day, conservatives should celebrate. With every pile smeared all over the shoes of this administration, with every misstep they make, we are one step closer to being delivered from the barnyard.


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