Tea Party People, Paranoid Politicians, Putrid Pundits


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It does not take a genius to figure out that ‘progressives’ are paranoid about Tea Party people and Town Hall conservatives.  Paranoids cannot stop talking about the object of their paranoia.

One case in point: Rachel “Mad Cow” Maddow of MSNBC.   Rachel, who believes all evil can be traced to Christians and Republicans, cannot stomach mainstream Americans exercising their constitutional rights.  In fact all four stomachs appear upset.  She ruminates about ‘insane’ tea party folks quite often. The ever-snide and hysterical Maddow will have you know the Tea Party movement is obviously astroturf because, well, that’s the way she wants it to be, so, ‘Poof!’, it simply is as she says.  Like her steamed colleague Keith ‘The Visigoth” Olbermann, she wastes little time gathering facts, or subjecting them to thoughtful analysis.  Chewing cud and jumping to comfortable conclusions is more efficient in the quest to brain damage your viewers.


5 Responses to Tea Party People, Paranoid Politicians, Putrid Pundits

  1. Maybe if the supporters of the Tea Party “protests” didn’t resort to misleading the public by airing archival footage as Hannity did the other night, the public might actually believe in the legitimacy of their claims.

    Also, when you support running up a deficit to launch an unnecessary war (Iraq) but refuse to then pay for soldiers’ benefits who are returning from that war, you’ve got a real credibility problem.

  2. Perhaps Putrid Pundits should peddle their pernicious puke elsewhere.

    You really want to go there, comparing the Obama deficits to the Bush years, when it is glaringly obvious the man has outspent Bush 3 to 1 in 1/8th the time? You must be joking.

    I’d say you are the one with the credibility problem.

  3. Allan,

    I think what I was trying to show was the fact that prior to 2006, Sean Hannity and his ilk did not go on and on about the deficits that Bush and the Republican held Congress were generating.

    Also, I think that your calculations about Obama’s outspending of Bush must be using a lot of projected expenditures that have yet to be approved by Congress, and are probably inflated numbers at that. Perhaps Bush, like Clinton before him, should have left the incoming President with a budget surplus…

  4. Allan,

    Neither of these show any evidence of Hannity or Limbaugh criticizing Bush deficits PRIOR to President Obama taking office.

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