The leadership vacuum: adapt, migrate, or become extinct


Full column here.


Good leadership is the persuasive talent to inspire people to cooperate for the greater good. 

The ability to adapt is the mark of intelligence.

Intelligent leadership combines these elements.

For all the hoopla these past three years characterizing Mr. Obama as the most brilliant political leader yet seen, little in the way of intelligent leadership has been demonstrated since January.

During the campaign he presented himself the slightly center left patriot capable of hobnobbing with radicals without contracting the disease.  Yet the moment he swore the oath, he started breaking it, along with his promise to govern from the center.

Now, only 10 months into his term, his approval rating has fallen through the floor, his disapproval rating soars, more than half the country stands opposed, while 38% according to Rasmussen strongly disapprove, translation: mad as hell.   Thirty-eight percent of 108 million voters is 41 million.  Add another 20 million who are seriously alienated and the future for Democrats looks mighty dim.


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