Obama’s star falls from the heavens

Presidency crashes and burns faster than anyone predicted, story here


by Allan Erickson

It is truly astonishing to watch the cataclysmic implosion of the Obama administration.

No one had ever been ushered into the White House with such pomp and enthusiasm.  No one had spent so many hundreds of millions of dollars to convince people to vote.  No one had garnered such global adoration.  And no one had assumed the office with less experience.

Yet here we are, only 10 months into the odyssey, and Obama’s presidency is viewed a failure.  Approval ratings have fallen dramatically.  Disapproval ratings increase.  Youth are alienated.  Unemployment ranks swell.  Military morale plummets.  Racial strife is heightened. The recession deepens.  For all the talk of change, hope is gone.


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