One generation from extinction



by Allan Erickson

Living a long time is a distinct advantage.  It provides you the opportunity to see patterns, observe cycles, witness mistakes, and take stock of what works.  Gaining this kind of perspective takes decades, ordinarily.  The key is learning to adapt given new information and learning, to apply this new understanding positively, avoiding cynicism.

Youth today have an enormous advantage.  Given the information/knowledge age, young people can do a lot of living and learning in short order.  What took us years and years to realize is apparently happening for youth today at a much faster clip.

The last year has been enormously instructive.

We are told the 18-29 year old age group turned out to vote for Obama in droves, roughly 80%.

We are also told that today, voters under age 30 oppose ObamaCare by huge margins: 65% oppose, only 25% support. Source



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