World gone mad and the good news


Full column here.


[Do you see the laughing clown?]

Someone must have photoshopped this image.  It makes a statement eh?  The clownish insanity of nuclear suicide is perhaps the greatest statement about human folly and the foolishness of relying on human wisdom.

Experts tell us we should be desperately afraid of proliferation and nukes in the hands of mullahs.  Many fear the possibility of a detonation over Kansas, creating an electromagnetic pulse, destroying our computer and electrical grids.  Famine and disease would quickly follow.  

More experts tell us the end comes soon thanks to man-made global warming.  If that catastrophe doesn’t do us in, deforestation and over-population will, they say. 

Others tells us the end will come from some pandemic.

Another camp is getting ulcers about the inevitable collision with a giant astroid. 

War, famine, disease, destruction of the earth, everywhere you look, they say we are toast.

Well, the more we learn, the more we understand few if any of these horrendous conclusions are likely so long as we continue to work for better outcomes.  What is more likely: global economic collapse, depravation, and regional wars.

So where’s the good news?!

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