America Rising video



4 Responses to America Rising video

  1. Carol Vetter says:

    Allan! You are at the forefront of the fight! I love it! Great video… I am passing it on to friends and family.
    Drop us a note and fill us in on everything.
    your radio co-host

  2. Arlene Fowler says:

    I don’t make it a habit of responding to things I watch on YouTube, but this is absolutely riveting and should be played daily on every network television station.

  3. Terry says:

    Thank God the people are becoming aware of this progressive, socialist-Communist take over of our country.
    I just hope enough people will get up off the sofa and away from the boob tube long enough to make the changes that are needed before it is really to late.
    The main stream media will not tell anyone the truth. The only that comes close is Fox. Fox is being labeled a right wing republican network and should not be taken seriously. I know that Glenn Beck is after anyone that is tax and spend on both sides of the isle.
    TruTV recently started Jesse Ventura with his tell all program. This must be opening some eyes also.

  4. David says:

    WOW! Everyone who cares at all about America needs to see this. And every Representative and Senator needs to receive this from everyone. We have to convince them we are serious about taking our Country back from the precipice they have led us to.
    God Bless the United States and God Bless our efforts to save it.

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