Avatar rages against U.S. Marines


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The most expensive movie in history is also one of the most successful.  “Avatar,” the latest from James Cameron, a blockbuster internationally,  is Hollywood’s latest effort to persuade the rest of the world we understand why they think we are the bad guys. 

Reading the extensive online synopsis was enough to encourage this writer to decide against seeing the movie.  It appears the message is: humans bad, Americans bad, Marines bad, corporations bad, native people good, tree huggers good, Marines who become native tree huggers, good.

One Response to Avatar rages against U.S. Marines

  1. Terry says:

    I have not seen the movie so I would like to reserve judgment until I do. Yes this country is not perfect. Look at how many countries we have saved from themselves or others trying to take them over. The US people are the most generous on earth. The US saved Europe from Hitler and the Nazis. After WWII the US saved Berlin with the Berlin airlift. The US stopped Japan from taking over most of Asia.
    Then we allowed our politicians to get us into: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq ETC ETC.

    How many other countries are apologizing for things they have done? NONE. Many countries have murdered millions of their own people.
    Of course most of Hollywood thinks the US is bad along with the Communist in the White House.
    The evil capitalism and the US have brought more innovations to the world than any country on earth.
    Those innovations include helping people all over the world. The environment also.
    Can you imagine all the pollution problems we would have if the world still rode horses for transportion?
    Yes there are many improvements that can be made.
    But government is not the way to do it.
    Many of financial problems now are because of government when the truth is known.
    It sure interesting that Fannie and Freddie started most of these problems and now the heads of those companies are getting huge bonuses. Why should they be rewarded and other financial institutions are made to look like the villains.

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