Luca Brazzi & the economy swim with the fishes


Full column here.


UPDATE: Drudge reports jobless claims jump, wholesale inflation surges.

First, in all fairness, listen to our President claim the Stimulus Act  ($862 Billion)  last year has saved 2 million jobs and prevented a depression, even while he castigates Republicans for accepting stimulus money in their districts, presumably his idea of promoting the new bipartisanship. 

It’s like having someone shake your hand and elbow you in the eye at the same time, like the scene in the Godfather when Luca Brazzi is stroked, then gets his hand knifed to the bar and his neck piano wired.

Notice how the President’s reference to Republican hypocrites dovetails nicely into this new hit piece by the DNC.

The President wouldn’t actually coordinate with the DNC to play politics with something so important as economic recovery, would he?  (Forget N.Y. Have you ever been to Chicago?)

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