What are you required to tell the census worker who comes knocking?


Starting soon, the federal government will either come to your door, or mail a questionnaire, demanding to know much more than what the Constitution specifies in the way of data for the Census.  According to some in the resistance, the government can only ask how many people live in your house, nothing more.

What does the Constitution say about government gathering your personal information?

Here is the actual 10-question form  that asks for more than what the Constitution specifies.  Apparently Jerry Day’s experience indicates when a Census Worker comes to your door, they ask more detailed questions about income and expenses.   

WHY IS THE CENSUS SO IMPORTANT AND WHY DOES PRESIDENT OBAMA WANT CONTROL OF THE CENSUS?  One of the President’s first actions last year was moving the Census from the Commerce Department to the White House, a highly controversial move that set off alarms and posed serious questions about the concentration of power in the Executive Branch of government.

Here is the answer.

Additionally, you may recall last year Rep. Bachmann from Minnesota saying she’ll refuse to complete the Census form  because it goes beyond what the Constitution allows.   Bachmann attempted to draw a connection between the activism engaged by ACORN and data collected by the Census.   Since then, ACORN has been disconnected from census work entirely, and apparently, the information demanded by the Census has been reduced.

Even so, if anyone 18 year of age or older refuses to comply, they face a fine of $5,000.00.

And now we have a report that hardware and software problems within the Census bureau may foul up gathering an accurate count.


“The testing of the system is continuing to reveal critical defects,” Zinser testified yesterday, warning that possible solutions must be tested and implemented in a hurry if the bureau doesn’t want to spend more than the projected $14.7 billion total cost of the census.

Census Director Robert Groves acknowledged as much, saying that “The performance of this system is not taking the load we’d like. It’s not going to accept the load that we will need to get it in about a month or so.” The census forms will be mailed to each household in the U.S. beginning next month.

7 Responses to What are you required to tell the census worker who comes knocking?

  1. Why would anyone not want to answer the census?
    First, the first frame of the video asks about the census bureau’s authority to collect info every year. Every year? since when did they start collecting data every year?

    Second, as the entire federal government is essentially one entity, what difference does it make which agency collects the data? Does anyone seriously think that if the White House wanted the information, it couldn’t obtain it, even if it does not conduct the census? If the feds wanted to go after or even find information on an individual or a group of them, they could do it with or without the census info. And was this move to the WH ever actually completed? If so, do you have a source?

    Third, the census is expensive, but how else do you propose to properly fund services and assign political representation to a geographic area? As to why so much info, it’s called demographics. Media companies use it all the time to advertise. The more they know about a population, the more specific they can gear services to that community. Could they use the information for nefarious purposes? Sure, but again, they could get that information anytime they wanted it, so what would be the point?

    4. Bachmann is an embarassment to her constituency as the polls prove. Further, it is my personal belief that she might also be a paranoid dellusional.

  2. Working from the bottom up:

    Polls don’t prove anything. They are merely indications. Bachmann was right to call out ACORN and the Census. For you, paranoid. To others, perceptive.

    At $14 Billion you bet the Census is expensive. Who’d a thought learning to count could be so pricey?

    The entire federal government is an enormous, wasteful, dictatorial monster. The Founders would be appalled we allowed this monster to grow into such a destructive force. If you believe giving them all kinds of personal information is entirely safe and worthwhile, by all means, hand them your check book and credit cards. Oh wait. We already did that. And we’re $60 Trillion in debt. Whoops.

    The government is constantly mining information about us so they can formulate policy, especially tax policy. In other words, ‘how much more can we soak these fools before we break the camel’s back.’ Too late!

    Furthermore, why do you think they want all the racial profiling information? Entitlement spending! Or did you miss the memo about certain people having certain challenges due to certain circumstances only certain government agencies can address by stealing money from other certain people so that certain people can have certain programs allowing for certain outcomes not realizable without certain kinds of information extracted from the people, via certain means. Don’t like it? You’re fined $5000!

    All tyrannical regimes start by getting information on people so they can manipulate people. Did you miss that memo too?

    And finally, if you’ve no concern about government abusing power, then you’ve no concern about preserving the Constitution, and consequently, your freedom is about as valuable to you as chewed gum.

    Once freedom is gone, you’re stuck.

  3. Well, as I spent 17 years of my life defending the constitution and our freedom, including 2 combat tours, I feel I’m entitled to disagree with you about it.

    My point was, the census is a silly thing to be afraid of, as they can have or already have the information anyway.

    As to entitlement spending, I find that it often comes down to that with you cons, who say so loudly you aren’t racist, but really are. I guess a race which gave our race 400 years of free labor isn’t entitled to anything other than a fair opportunity to compete with we who already have a leg up on them, huh?

    Some of it may be about tax policy, don’t think the absence of information would stop them, however. Also, though it is about school funding, road funding, social services funding (which in poor rural areas actaully is made up of, gasp, white people), post office staffing and countless other issues.

    Polls prove that over 80% of her constituants think she is an embarassment, at least at the time of the poll. Further, you’re right, polls don’t prove a thing, so I’ll just go with my gut and say the vast majority of Americans really do support socialized medicine.

  4. Dear Conservative Lie:

    Thank you for your military service.

    You are entitled to disagree with anyone anytime regardless of your service.

    Not afraid of the Census. Very concerned about government power being misused. That is as American as apple pie, motherhood and baseball.

    Entitlement spending is unconstitutional, wasteful and idiotic. It does not help anyone substantially. It creates dependency which makes people cattle. And it bankrupts the country. Half the federal budget is spent on SS and Medicare. HALF! We are in debt $60 TRILLION thanks to unfunded liabilities in those two programs alone. We are broke and going down the tubes, and all you liberals can think about is your next check. Very patriotic.

    As to the accusation of racism: FU. Liberals throw that stupid accusation around so much it has lost its meaning. You diminish our ability to transcend the evil by saturating the culture with false accusations. Indeed, you aggravate the evil by turning American against American with the constant drumbeat of racism. The inner city is a war zone driven by hatred stirred up by exaggerated accusations of racism. Black youth kill one another thanks to the entitlement mentality and the race baiting you engage and you have the temerity to accuse me of racism? It would appear you hate whites, an irrational, bigotted hatred, but a hatred that serves a useful purpose: enlisting the federal government to steal from certain citizens to give to others, which is also unconstitutional.

    Only whiners and losers play the race card to try and win an argument.

    Finally, do you think Obama would be sitting down with Republicans at the so-called Summit today if he believed most Americans support socialized medicine?

    You don’t need a poll to know what Americans think about ObamaCare. Look at the election of Scott Brown. Look at the Dem majorities in the House and Senate. The only reason the Dems have not forced reconcilliation into law is they recognize opposition by the majority Americans, and they fear November.

  5. The very fact that you call it “entitlement” spending as opposed to social services makes me question your sincerity when you claim not to be racist. “certain people”?? I don’t claim the social services are perfect, far from it. I happen to feel as you do that it creates a dependancy and that it needs to be restructured. remember it was clinton who put the time limits on it…

    Furthermore, as I recall, we had a budget surplus when clinton left office. And I would argue that it is the two unfunded wars, and unprecedented and unwarrented tax cuts that have led to the deficit. Could spending be cut? sure. How about we go back to the clinton era pay as you go policy for a start?

    You guys keep singing the same old song, but you had it your way almost exclusively for 8 years, and just as I said when he started this crap, look where it has led us. And before you start into Obama’s economic policies, it takes an average of 2-6 years to come out of a recession, and this one is BAD. Before you start talking about the deregulation of the banking industry (aren’t you guys usually all about deregulation?, bear in mind that fair lending practices don’t equate to “preditory” lending practices.

    As for Obama care, in fact the most recent polls actually show that the country is pretty much split down the middle as to whether we should pass it NOW, but a majority are in favor of passing some form of health care soon, and in fact the majority support a public option. Those are the latest polls (2010)from a variety of sources, not just some liberal think tank.

    Maybe you should try getting your information from some other sources sometimes like I do.

    I’m not worried about November, as Scott Brown just showed you, I think you are putting too much stock into what the cons are calling “indicators”. Bachmann is a good example. People are fed up with the current situation, they vote in someone like her, and then find out what they have really gotten. She will be a one-termer for sure.

  6. Allan Erickson says:

    The Republican Congress in the 90s drove welfare reform which balanced the budget. Clinton only went along with it because he had to.

    Republicans and conservatives were the first to criticize Bush and RINOs for massive spending in 2002-2007, most damaging, the prescription drug program, another entitlement that drives us into bankruptcy, and isn’t race-oriented by the way.

    Truth is Dems have been in control of federal spending since 2006 when they took over the House, so let’s ‘spread the responsibility’ shall we?

    Tripling the deficit is Obama’s idea of fiscal responsibility?

    I note you don’t cite any sources for the polling data you claim shows people support reform and/or a public option. Check out the numbers at RCP:


    You are ENTIRELY INCORRECT re: where the American people stand on ObamaCare.

    Furthermore, the bottom line issue is our financial house which is crumbling thanks to this President and this Congress. That is what people are fed up about, and that is why liberals will be run out of town on a rail in November and in 2012. Even HRC said the financial mess is now threatening national security, so our very freedom is on the chopping block thanks to politicians who squander The Peoples’ resources.

    Finally, using the term “entitlement” makes one a racist? What twisted universe produces that kind of pretzel logic?

  7. As for sources of my claims about health care, the most recent post on my blog has several unbiased and credible sources.
    One could argue that the increased taxes on the “wealthy” and other Clintonian policies are what drove the longest period of economic growth in U.S. history.

    Here’s some more interesting stuff for you:

    President Bush inherited the largest surplus in American history from President Clinton–a unified budget surplus that finally stopped the raid on Social Security. (Office of Management and Budget)

    Republicans in Washington resumed raiding the Social Security Trust Fund during President Bush’s first year in office and spent every penny of the Social Security surplus since 2002. (Congressional Budget Office)

    The unified federal budget, which includes the Social Security Trust Fund, returned to a deficit of $158 billion in 2002. The unified deficit increased again in 2003 to $378 billion, the highest level ever. In 2004, the unified deficit reached another record high of $412 billion. (Office of Management and Budget)

    The deficit in 2005 topped $333 billion–the third largest unified budget deficit in American history. That made President Bush the only President in American history to oversee three consecutive years of record high deficits. (Office of Management and Budget)

    Republican deficits were being financed by an unprecedented level of foreign borrowing. When President Bush took office, foreign ownership of U.S. debt more than doubled, from $1 trillion in 2001 to $2 trillion by 2005 and on up. The United States is now the world’s largest net debtor country. (U.S. Treasury Department)

    Japan and China represent nearly half of the foreign holdings of U.S. debt. While other countries have either reduced or left their holdings of U.S. debt roughly unchanged, China has steadily increased its ownership by 65 percent. (U.S. Treasury Department)

    Bush’s record trade deficit was also being financed by foreigners. Every year the Republicans were in power, the U.S. trade balance deteriorated to new low levels. China alone accounts for 28.5 percent of the total U.S. trade deficit. (Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce)

    With more money going to pay interest on the national debt, we have less money to spend on critical national security measures, increasing investment and job creation in our economy, and meeting our commitment to extend Social Security solvency. Republicans, who controlled the White House and the Congressional agenda, did nothing to address these challenges.

    U.S. multinational companies (MNCs) shifted more jobs overseas during President Bush’s tenure. These firms reduced their U.S. workforce by nearly 10 percent during the first three years of the Bush Administration: 2.1 percent in 2003, following a 3.0 percent reduction in 2002, and a 4.1 percent reduction in 2001. (Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce)

    At the same time, employment at their foreign affiliates based overseas increased by 1.2 percent in 2003, following a 1.0 percent increase in 2002 and a 0.1 percent increase in 2001. (Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce)

    President Bush had the worst job creation record of any President since Herbert Hoover. The average annual employment increase over the past 70 years has been more than 2 percent. After four and a half years as President, and with the power of his own party behind him in both houses of Congress, President Bush achieved a record low annual average job growth rate of 0 percent by 2005. By 2008, and the end of his presidency, he oversaw a net loss of over 3 million jobs. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

    The job losses associated with the recession that began in March 2001 has been the most protracted jobs slump since at least the end of World War II. On average in the postwar period, job losses stop about a year after the onset of the recession and employment begins to increase after about 15 months. Within two years, employment surpasses its pre-recession peak and is expanding at a healthy pace. (Joint Economic Committee Democratic staff)

    Long-term unemployment nearly doubled to 1.31 million Americans during the Bush Administration. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

    The manufacturing sector has been hardest hit during the Bush Administration. More than 3 million manufacturing jobs were lost under President Bush and the Republican controlled congress. Manufacturing employment is now at its lowest level since July 1950. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

    After the recessions of 1969-1970 and 1990-1991, manufacturing job losses were less severe, and employment in the sector either leveled off or increased substantially. Following the 2001 recession, however, manufacturing employment plunged like we have never seen before. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

    Manufacturing jobs represent 10 percent of U.S. non-farm employment, but have accounted for about 120 percent of jobs lost during the Bush Administration. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

    After adjusting for inflation, the median household income was down by more than $1,500 during the first three years of the Bush presidency. This was the greatest decline for any previous administration for which data is available. (Joint Economic Committee Democratic staff)

    Personal income growth lagged behind inflation, reducing purchasing power for every day necessities such as food, gasoline, housing, and health care. (U.S. Department of Commerce)

    The highest gasoline prices on record occured under Bush and a Republican Congress, while Exxon/Mobile posted the highest recorded profit by any company in history. (US Consumer Affairs)

    President Bush, with the complete cooperation of Congress, made unprecidented tax cuts during a war time situation.

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