Manhood and the spirit of liberty


Full column here.


Manhood in America has been under attack for decades, but the good news is men are fighting back, regaining ground taken by those who would feminize generations to the destruction of society and culture. 

Displaying a fierce interest in competition and participating to win, protecting loved ones and providing for them, the honorable willingness to fight and destroy enemies, the love of dragon slaying, spirituality, patriotism, service and chivalry—traditional male traits in the west—all these have been pasteurized and homogenized and feminized by political operatives, social engineers, academic tinkers, Hollywood hucksters and media manipulators. 

Even church people have had a hand in trying to feminize and tame the warrior within.  The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah has been forced to sit nicely in a pew and keep quiet: being nice and soft made more important than remaining tough, yet tender, as if the Creator of the universe wishes to recruit inactive and ineffectual adornments in the safe and segregated sanctuary.

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