Who is out to get Obama?


Full column here.


We hear a lot of talk today about rightwing extremists, hate groups and out of control Christian types posing a threat to the President.

A recent article in The Guardian took pains to echo a controversial 2009 Department of Homeland Security report claiming rightwing extremists have long caused the President and his wife to fear for their lives.

The Guardian piece focused first on a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center titled “Terror from the Right.”

The SPLC according to The Guardian “records an astonishing mushrooming in extremist anti-government Patriot groups who see the Obama administration as a plot to impose one-world government on liberty-loving Americans.”

In both the The Guardian piece and the SPLC report several incidents alleging a threat to the President are recounted where suspects were thwarted by arrest.

The surface descriptions indicate the suspects were either unbalanced, or misguided, or both, with little if any substantive evidence showing conclusive affiliation with any mainstream sect or political party or movement. The best that can be said of these potential assailants is they are insane, or members of racist fringe groups promoting ideas embraced only by the delusional.


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