Credibility collapse, malignant malaise


Full column here.


Rahming it through at the WH

Little did WH officials know when they promised transparency it would come to mean The People would see through Mr. Obama and Co., perceiving them for who they really are, and, the naked truth is, most people see a glaring difference between what the voters were sold, and what citizens are receiving.

This cartoon by Taylor Jones does a masterful job of capturing the essential problem facing Obama and the Democrats.   Even as Rahm cracks the whip, vulnerable to the naked truth that most Americans hate the President’s healthcare reform measures passed by Congress, many Democrats are terrified for fear of falling, the slippery soap on the floor promising political suicide in November.  It may sound harsh to say, but Mr. Obama seems to appear more like King Saul daily, urging his colleagues to fall on their swords before he does.

From 30,000 feet the national cognitive dissonance results from the clash between what we were promised, and what we are getting.


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