Healthcare by Slaughter Rule called treason


Full column here.


House Rules Committee Chair Rep. Slaughter (D-N.Y.)

How does the old saying go?  If you can’t win the game, change the rules?

Well, folks, this is apparently the way the Democrats have decided to play the healthcare game.  Since they can’t win even with almost complete control of the government, they’ll just change the rules.

Have you heard of the “Slaughter Rule?”  It is the brainchild of Rep. Louise Slaughter, Democrat from New York, big ACORN fan.

This video called “The Slaugher Solution” does a nice job of explaining it in about three minutes.

Essentially, the Slaugher Rule allows the House to pass the Senate version without a vote.  That’s right, regardless of what the Constitutions says, Pelosi’s House of Representatives proposes to pass a bill simply by waving a magic wand and pronouncing it “passed.”

One plan provides for the President to then sign it into law with the general agreement that a companion bill will be passed to change the Senate version to make it more acceptable to the House, all after the fact.

Some are calling these shenanigans unlawful, unconstitutional, despotic and even treasonous.

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