Economic WWII dead ahead


Full column here.


  Adm. James Richardson

Neville Chamberlain told the Brits to have a nice sleep, he’d achieved “peace in our time” by sealing a deal with Hitler. 

Winston Churchill predicted war.  He was ignored and called a warmonger.

Admiral James Richardson warned President Roosevelt that concentrating naval forces at Pearl Harbor so far from the mainland rendered them vulnerable to Japanese attack.

Richardson was ignored and relieved of duty as Pacific fleet commander.

MIT graduate Roger Babson predicted the crash of 1929, wisely advising “keep out of debt.”  He was ignored.  He ran for President in 1940.  Roosevelt was re-elected and continued with the New Deal.

Many people predicted the housing bubble and the current recession.  They were ignored.

David Walker is predicting America will go belly up unless we find a way to cut entitlement spending, increase revenue, stimulate the economy and radically reduce the national debt.

He is being ignored by the White House and Congress, both pushing another $2.5 Trillion in healthcare entitlement spending.


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