When Obots run amok


A post script especially for the Stoner Brothers: rabble rousers incorporated.


Just for you guys: the wave of the future—-examples of advocacy journalists of a different kind, the kind who hold politicians accountable in the name of preserving liberty.

Congressmen Hare says he doesn’t care about the Constitution.

Rep. Jim Moran wants to fight when asked about “stimulus” money

You see, the criminals cannot stand the heat when the truth is revealed.   Instead of attacking private citizens enmasse, perhaps you guys will concentrate on public officials.  

(And, in the public service, help for those of you suffering from FAS, (for Obots everywhere) here.)

Why would I single these two out for special consideration?   If you visit their pages on Examiner.com/portland you will see this modus operandi repeatedly:

1.  Pluck a story from Drudge or other news service.

2.  Repost it often without attribution, and editted to set the stage for the slam.

3.  Add stock commentary:  “Christians and conservatives are evil, violent, racist, homophobic scum who do not deserve citizenship,” or like nonsense.

There is rarely any attempt to treat a topic fairly or thoroughly or in any balanced way.

The entire Stoner exercise amounts to serial attempts to whip up passions against Christians and conservatives using hate, namecalling, innuendo and gross generalizations, often with the infusion of inaccuracies and misrepresentations.  They purposefully attack and slander entire groups of people who just happen to disagree with the Stone Brothers.

They incite to violence and proceed irresponsibly.

If you object to this kind of trash, make your opinions known to the editors and publishers of Examiner.com.


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