Decorated officer will be court-martialed for challenging Obama’s eligibility


Full story here.


                                 LTC Terry Lakin, M.D.

Two days ago we reported on the case of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, Army surgeon, highly decorated.

Last week Lakin declared his intention to refuse to obey orders until such time it is proven President Obama is eligible for office based on confirmation of his natural born status as per the constitutional requirement. 

Yesterday, American Thinker reported:

Lt. Col. Lakin to face court martial
by Thomas Lifson
“Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, MD is to face a court martial for his refusal to obey deployment orders, pending proof that it is a lawful order, issued by a commander in chief who meets the constitutional requirements of office. Dr. Lakin explained his refusal in an article published April 8th on American Thinker.”


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