They’re all in bed together: nighty night America


Full column here.


“So, where are we meeting for drinks after the hearing?”

Certain things in American life are axiomatic:

>We grudgingly accept a given number of politicians will always be Crooks.

>We know too many Big Wheels in high finance are slick operators, the money changers in the temple.

>We know that when the Big Wheels and the Crooks start ripping each other publically, it really means they are making new, private deals in shadowy places over cocktails.

So it came as no surprise to learn from the headlines that the Big Wheels at Goldman Sachs are gushing gleeful over Obama’s finance reform being pushed by retiring Senator Dodd, the Senate’s role model for how to secure private financing at favorable rates reserved only for powerful senators with bank oversight authority.

Really?  Goldman Sachs executives want federal regulation?  What’s the catch?  Some of the more cyncial among us might say the President is bought and paid for by Goldman, as are a number of other Crooks, and that Dodd’s finance reform is really a ploy to give the feds unlimited bailout authority.

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