Mojave WWI Vets’ Cross Stolen


Full story here.



What does a radical atheist do when he loses in court?  He takes the law into his own hands of course.

So much for the rule of law.

Now comes a report the WWI Veterans’ Memorial Cross in the Mojave Desert has been stolen.

Although it is unclear who stole the Cross, we can be confident it wasn’t Tea Party people, Boy Scouts, VFW members or bomb throwing Baptists.

Welcome to another edition of “The New Inquisition,” Christian persecution and assault American style. 

Many of you will recall about two weeks ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Cross could remain where it has been for 76 years about 70 miles south of Las Vegas.   The Cross was placed by American military veterans in 1934 to honor those who lost their lives in WWI.

The Mojave National Preserve was established in 1994, sixty years after the Cross was placed there.


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