U.S. Muslim student: kill all Jews


Full column here.


 Theo van Gogh, murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri

This video will send a chill down your spine and likely make you sick.  Watch as a female college student in San Diego confronts David Horowitz about the activities of Muslim students in America.


He challenges her to condemn Hamas and Hezbollah.  She refuses.  Then he says:

“I’m a Jew.  The head of Hezbollah has said he hopes the Jews will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For it, or against it!?”

She replies:  “For it.”  Video here.

Those of us who have observed Islamic jihad during the last 25 years finally came to accept a central truth, however painful, however dangerous, however politically incorrect, however difficult to stomach.  That truth is best expressed by Robert Spencer, scholar, and expert on Islam.


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