Elena Kagan: Obama SCOTUS nominee, avowed socialist, shill for Shariah, anti-U.S. military


Full column here.


“Look, let’s take the case of Elena Kagan. I have said unequivocally, a person who decides to file a lawsuit against the United States military in the middle of a war, should not be a Supreme Court justice.”  

                                Newt Gingrich

Upcoming Senate confirmation hearings will give us serious insight into whether or not courageous, principle-driven men and women exist in the Republican Party, for the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court is a highly questionable individual who deserves serious grilling, not the kid gloves treatment given the last unqualified nominee.

3 Responses to Elena Kagan: Obama SCOTUS nominee, avowed socialist, shill for Shariah, anti-U.S. military

  1. hippieprof says:

    So – you are claiming that Kagan, who is Jewish, is a shill for Shariah?

    Oh…. this is precious…. please do explain.

    — hippieprof

    • Do Hippie Professors read? The links are in the article. Read on professor, read on…

      • hippieprof says:

        Oh – I am very able to read, thank you.

        I will ask in response – do you know how to read critically – to really pay attention to what you are reading and evaluate it?

        If you carefully read the article you link, you will find absolutely no mention of anything that Kagen actually did or said. There are no photos or quotes or leaked memos or anything.

        The charges ammount to: “While Kagen was at Harvard, some other people did some stuff.” That is hardly evidence of being a “shill” for Shariah.

        In academics we have a policy of academic freedom. You can study or talk about or write about whatever you want. It is frankly what makes American universities great because it allows for the free exchange of ideas without fear of consequences.

        As Dean, Kagen had absolutely no control over what her faculty talk about and study. As long as laws are not being broken, a Dean has no right to stifle academic freedom.

        For example, if I were to want to establish an “Institute of Shariah Studies” at my University my Dean would have no power to stop me from doing so – unless I was breaking the law or something.

        I return to my initial point. Kagen is Jewish. Shariah (among other things) calls for the destruction of Judaism. So you really think she could be a shill for Shariah?

        — hp

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