Obama: from bad to worse, epic fail


Full column here.


With this President it just goes from bad to worse.  It is getting so bad, one wonders if there is a bottom to depths this man is willing to drag the country.

Rasmussen reports Obama’s poll numbers are the lowest yet, with 56% disapproving.  At RCP where they average major polls, Obama is backed by 48% while 47% disapprove. Either way, it is a long steady decline since inauguration when 64% approved, and only 20% disapproved.

The essential explanation is simply this: most voters thought they were getting a slightly left of center intellectual who would form coalitions here and abroad to reverse what they perceived negative in the Bush years.   What they got was a far left ideologue egotist who has worked feverishly to radically transform the country regardless of public opinion, one hardly distinguishable from Bush when it comes to bailouts, spending and the war in Afghanistan, but one decidedly weak in key leadership areas, a president whose policies place America in vulnerable positions, both economically and on the world stage.

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