American Dream has become a nightmare


Full column here.


Those with Ears to Hear
Anywhere, USA

Dear Mr. President, Executives at Bank of America and Citibank, past and present Executives at Fannie Mae, Members of Congress, past Executives of Countrywide, and all those involved in the subprime swindle:

Greetings from the land of foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Ten years ago my wife and I were living the American dream. Working for a corporation I was making six figures. We bought a house. We were raising our kids to be good citizens. And then I decided to pursue the dream even further by starting my own business. It was quite successful for a number of years, providing our family with an income in the lower six figure range, sufficient to cover our obligations and allowing us to contribute 15% to charity, after taxes.

Fish were jumpin’ and the cotton was high.

Today, the picture is quite different.

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