Obama, Oil & Outrage


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Today we get the news the President has finally allowed foreign ships to help with cleanup in the Gulf. This could have happened two months ago had the President preferred pollution control to politics.

(Please read this quickly before Obama shuts down the internet that Al Gore invented between massages. Fighting that there Republican-caused global warming and saving the polar bears must make Al Gore real kinky in the neck.)

It does not matter what color you paint your politics, every single American should be outraged by the lack of performance by this Administration concerning the Gulf oil spill.

As the Gulf waters and shorelines are poisoned far and wide, moment by moment, we find a President fumbling so terribly, we now have the worst environmental catastrophe on record. There is no end in sight. The economic and ecological consequences will be horrendous.


One Response to Obama, Oil & Outrage

  1. Problem is there is actually nowt that the administration, the army, the navy or Virgil Tracy and International Rescue can actually do about this mess. Its too deep. A mile down nothing really works and the navy dont operate at those depths. The only real solution is other drillings which take the pressure out and allow the company to back fill the break with concrete. And that will take to August no matter how hard anyone shouts. Its a mess and brought about by lack regulation, shoddy admin, greedy companies (American and others) as well as illinformed legislators. Mind you wanting gas at 29c a litre doesnt help either. As for Gore he’s been stiched up with this years old massage story that has done the rounds for ages, with no editor or pressure group interested in touching it with a barge pole until…….someone wants the voice of Valdeze silenced. Interested? Check the rest at :-


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