Sweet land of liberty

July 21, 2010


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“If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”
           President Ronald Reagan

A culture and its people must have unifying beliefs and attending rituals to survive.  That has been true throughout human history.  Central agreed upon beliefs make culture and society possible.  Supporting rituals are the reminders, the reinforcing glue holding us together.

Can we say we generally agree on the central beliefs that have made America great?  Can we say we participate in rituals that preserve and perpetuate those beliefs?


Band of Bozos: when will they ever learn?

July 13, 2010


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Adapt, migrate, or become extinct.

A wise man once advised: When you are stressed and going through troubles, do not ask ‘why?’  Rather ask, ‘what am I supposed to learn in all this?’

We find it far more convenient to complain than exert ourselves to learn.   The person who takes responsibility is the one most likely to endure.

This is why it is so troubling to see the so-called leader of the free world operating in constant blame shift mode.  Rather than seek to learn and then demonstrate true intelligence by adapting, he complains, then blames.

Bite Me Biden

July 1, 2010


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Does it seem to you Joe Biden likes to say to the world, ‘bite me?’

If someone objects to the President forcing BP to set up a escrow fund without Congressional or court action, Joe’s response is ‘bite me,’ even as the Administration falls short in clean up efforts.  

If top military experts disagree with the VP on Afghan strategy, Joe’s reply is ‘bite me.’

Behold more examples of the wit and wisdom of Joe Biden, probably the most ridiculous vice president in American history.

Yesterday Joe “Bite Me” Biden registered this glittering remark while stump speaking to a surging crowd of 200 glassy-eyed supporters:

“Republicans don’t believe in science.”

This is such an idiotic statement it hardly warrants response. However, it is so much fun watching Bite Me play dodge ball, let’s take a few whacks.