Tea Party David vs. Federal Goliath

November 12, 2010

The old Perry Como song comes to mind thinking about all the debate concerning our debt problem, deficits, the overwhelming size and reach of the federal government, and all the problems associated, including bankruptcy, hyperinflation, deep depression, even economic Armageddon:

It’s impossible, tell the sun to leave the sky, it’s just impossible
It’s impossible, ask a baby not to cry, it’s just impossible

Of course, we cannot park there. Traditional American optimism will not allow it. Besides, parking there means certain failure. However, a sober assessment of the situation is not encouraging considering how stupidity and selfishness infects every dimension of public debate.

The moment we learn about preliminary recommendations from Obama‚Äôs bipartisan deficit reduction commission, we hear blanket condemnations from Pelosi & Co. So much for working across the aisle to save the country: “…impossible, ask a baby not to cry…”

One serious, irrefutable fact is staring us straight in the face: unless we cut spending, increase revenue, pay our debts and balance the federal budget, America is going under.

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