Obama, Oil & Outrage

June 30, 2010


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Today we get the news the President has finally allowed foreign ships to help with cleanup in the Gulf. This could have happened two months ago had the President preferred pollution control to politics.

(Please read this quickly before Obama shuts down the internet that Al Gore invented between massages. Fighting that there Republican-caused global warming and saving the polar bears must make Al Gore real kinky in the neck.)

It does not matter what color you paint your politics, every single American should be outraged by the lack of performance by this Administration concerning the Gulf oil spill.

As the Gulf waters and shorelines are poisoned far and wide, moment by moment, we find a President fumbling so terribly, we now have the worst environmental catastrophe on record. There is no end in sight. The economic and ecological consequences will be horrendous.


Obama’s Katrina, Obama’s Watergate: Is impeachment forthcoming?

May 27, 2010


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Keith Jones testifies in Washington. His son Gordon died on the Deepwater rig.

Incompetence gushing out all over

Decades of media-generated hatred directed at traditional American values found a focal point in Barack Obama, Son of Saul, keeper of the socialist flame.

And now, to invoke a Jeremiah Wrightism, “Dem chickens is comin’ home to roost.”

The champion of radic chic is being shown a paper tiger.  Consequently, his stalwart supporters are running for the hills like so many illegal alien farm workers.

Voters were warned: the man has no executive experience.   How can you even consider placing him in the most powerful, consequential executive role on the planet?  It is lunacy.

Obama: from bad to worse, epic fail

May 25, 2010


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With this President it just goes from bad to worse.  It is getting so bad, one wonders if there is a bottom to depths this man is willing to drag the country.

Rasmussen reports Obama’s poll numbers are the lowest yet, with 56% disapproving.  At RCP where they average major polls, Obama is backed by 48% while 47% disapprove. Either way, it is a long steady decline since inauguration when 64% approved, and only 20% disapproved.

The essential explanation is simply this: most voters thought they were getting a slightly left of center intellectual who would form coalitions here and abroad to reverse what they perceived negative in the Bush years.   What they got was a far left ideologue egotist who has worked feverishly to radically transform the country regardless of public opinion, one hardly distinguishable from Bush when it comes to bailouts, spending and the war in Afghanistan, but one decidedly weak in key leadership areas, a president whose policies place America in vulnerable positions, both economically and on the world stage.

Elena Kagan: Obama SCOTUS nominee, avowed socialist, shill for Shariah, anti-U.S. military

May 20, 2010


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“Look, let’s take the case of Elena Kagan. I have said unequivocally, a person who decides to file a lawsuit against the United States military in the middle of a war, should not be a Supreme Court justice.”  

                                Newt Gingrich

Upcoming Senate confirmation hearings will give us serious insight into whether or not courageous, principle-driven men and women exist in the Republican Party, for the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court is a highly questionable individual who deserves serious grilling, not the kid gloves treatment given the last unqualified nominee.

Islamic terrorism: the systematic annihilation of the truth

May 18, 2010


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            Labour MP Stephen Timm stabbed twice by Muslim woman


ITEM:  Last Friday in Great Britain, a hotbed of Islamic terrorist activity, a popular Member of Parliament was stabbed in the stomach by a Muslim woman.  She stabbed him twice with one hand as she was reaching with the other to shake her victim’s hand.

“Peace comes only when the infidel submits or is destroyed.”

Deception is a perfectly acceptable weapon: The doctrine of taqiyya

They’re all in bed together: nighty night America

April 28, 2010


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“So, where are we meeting for drinks after the hearing?”

Certain things in American life are axiomatic:

>We grudgingly accept a given number of politicians will always be Crooks.

>We know too many Big Wheels in high finance are slick operators, the money changers in the temple.

>We know that when the Big Wheels and the Crooks start ripping each other publically, it really means they are making new, private deals in shadowy places over cocktails.

So it came as no surprise to learn from the headlines that the Big Wheels at Goldman Sachs are gushing gleeful over Obama’s finance reform being pushed by retiring Senator Dodd, the Senate’s role model for how to secure private financing at favorable rates reserved only for powerful senators with bank oversight authority.

Really?  Goldman Sachs executives want federal regulation?  What’s the catch?  Some of the more cyncial among us might say the President is bought and paid for by Goldman, as are a number of other Crooks, and that Dodd’s finance reform is really a ploy to give the feds unlimited bailout authority.