Bite Me Biden

July 1, 2010


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Does it seem to you Joe Biden likes to say to the world, ‘bite me?’

If someone objects to the President forcing BP to set up a escrow fund without Congressional or court action, Joe’s response is ‘bite me,’ even as the Administration falls short in clean up efforts.  

If top military experts disagree with the VP on Afghan strategy, Joe’s reply is ‘bite me.’

Behold more examples of the wit and wisdom of Joe Biden, probably the most ridiculous vice president in American history.

Yesterday Joe “Bite Me” Biden registered this glittering remark while stump speaking to a surging crowd of 200 glassy-eyed supporters:

“Republicans don’t believe in science.”

This is such an idiotic statement it hardly warrants response. However, it is so much fun watching Bite Me play dodge ball, let’s take a few whacks.


Cheney Biden debates

February 14, 2010


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This week VP Joe Biden declared Iraq is one of the greatest successes of the Obama administration.

Today, asked about Biden’s remark, former VP Dick Cheney chuckled, then said, “I’m glad he now believes Iraq is a success.”

Economy: Biden vs. Reality, again

September 3, 2009


Story here:  Unemployment highest level in 26 years

“The Recovery Act is doing more, faster and more efficiently and more effectively than most people expected,” Biden said.

‘Earth to Joe, Earth to Joe—You are not, I repeat, not cleared for landing.  Reality runway closed.’

Video here: Biden explains why unemployment soared after stimulus

AP News report here, Biden tells us the stimulus is working wonderfully.


At the heart of President Barack Obama’s agenda for an economic turnaround is the $787 billion package he signed into law on Feb. 17. The effectiveness of the two-year program is a matter of sharp political debate; Biden, the administration’s point man on the issue, is aiming to show a restless public that results are tangible.   

“Recovery act dollars are going farther and working harder than we anticipated,” Biden said in excerpts released in advance by his office.   Biden is up against a wary audience when he says “the recovery act is doing more, faster, more efficiently and more effectively than we had hoped.”   

A Gallup poll last month found 51 percent of Americans wished the government would have spent less to stimulate the economy. The same poll found 41 percent thought the stimulus package was helping the economy in the short term; 33 percent saw no effect, and 24 said it was making the economy worse.   

Citing a scorecard, Biden says that over the past 100 days, using stimulus money, the administration has met its goals of paying for 135,000 education jobs and hiring or keeping 5,000 police. Other goals have been exceeded, he said, from the number of highway projects to new water systems to health centers.


Real unemployment rate is 16% says Fed official


The Other Side of the Story, from the Heritage Foundation, link here.


Today, the Department of Labor reported that 570,000 Americans filed initial claims for jobless benefits last week. This follows news from ADP Employer Services on Wednesday that private employers cut 298,000 jobs last month. As bad as these numbers sound (and they are bad) the real threat facing our nation’s economy is that, as Gallup’s Chief Economist Dennis Jacobe puts it: “job creation in August is just not taking place in the U.S. economy.”  Why is job creation more important than job loss numbers? Heritage fellow James Sherk explains:

The American economy is highly dynamic. Industries continually expand and contract while entrepreneurs create new companies and uncompetitive firms go out of business. Workers move between jobs frequently as this occurs. … Recent research shows that an increased likelihood of layoffs is not the main reason that unemployment rises during economic slumps. … The main reason unemployment rises during economic downturns is that job creation falls while the labor force continues to grow, making available jobs scarcer. As a result, many without work stay unemployed longer, driving up the unemployment rate.

If our economy is going to avoid double digit unemployment, the private sector is going to have to start hiring people again.

Unfortunately, every agenda item emanating from the White House is will only hamper, not allow for, private sector job growth.


Limbaugh: where’s the stimulus for small business Mr. VP?

Grim economic news

July 20, 2009


Recession deepens, and politicians promote more tax and spend policies: taxing those who create jobs and increasing government spending, both moves that obviously hurt the economy.  Have they gone mad?  Already saddled with insurmountable debt, the federal government now wants to nationalize healthcare, and institute cap and trade, both dubious proposals carrying enormous price tags, furthering debt, and deepening recession.



Excerpt from Heritage Foundation

Last week, Michigan’s Bureau of Labor Market Information announced that their state’s unemployment rate spiked in June, hitting 15.2%, the highest rate since mid-1983. Five other states, Rhode Island (12.4%), Oregon (12.2%), South Carolina (12.1%), Nevada (12%), and California (11.6%) all have either matched or surpassed their all time unemployment highs. Nationwide, a total of fifteen states are now suffering from 10% unemployment. The Federal Reserve predicts that double digit unemployment will envelope most of the country later this year.


Unemployment tops 10 percent in 16 states in June

Rising unemployment report


Housing prices probably won’t rebound, stock market might drop further


Esteemed economist Dr. Robert Shiller was among the very few to warn of a housing bust before it happened.

Now he tells Newsmax and that, although the housing market could be approaching a bottom, prices might remain in the “doldrums” for years to come as the United States remains in a “liquidity trap” comparable to the one it faced during the Great Depression.

Though stock market prices are valued fairly now, Shiller said, equities remain a “risky” investment because the United States has not turned the corner on its fiscal crisis. He warned that stock prices “could fall dramatically.”


Record high foreclosures


Losses at Bank of America


Don’t Worry: Biden says stimulus is working



Project Weakness.Invite Aggression

February 18, 2009

Frank Gaffney warns about an incompetent administration

Chris Matthews makes a fool of himself

Clowns, Jugglers & Freak Shows: update 2.4.09

January 7, 2009

GET A LOAD OF THE #2 AT DOJ!    He defends pornographers and works for unlimited abortion on demand!  Hey!  The American way!

OBAMA NATION:  Voters’ remorse in only 90 days

Clinton/Carter redux- hope and change down the drain


PELOSI’S  POWERPLAY:   one-party rule in the House


Tom Daschle and Tax Problems  history


What is next?  Carol Moseley Braun for Supreme Court?  Perhaps, but first CLOSE GITMO!  (But Mr. Obama: what do we do with 250 murderers?)

AND NOW A TREASURY SECRETARY WHO FORGETS TO PAY HIS TAXES!   Man, oh, man…it just keeps getting better!  (1.13.09)

[1.16.09]   THIS TOP ‘EM ALL!

CASS SUNSTEIN is supposedly Obama’s new Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) Administrator.  Who knows what the job entails, but we do know, Cass is an animal rights extremist.   He wants to BAN HUNTING and believes anyone eating meat or wearing animal skins is a criminal.   Therefore, animals should be allowed to sue human beings.   Animals have rights too!  Oh man, oh man, oh man.

Rove told O’Reilly last week  it was Panetta who agreed with Clinton that originating rendition was a good thing, but now they are all totally against it even though it has been successful. 

Announced today (1.12.09)—Adding to THE GENERAL DIVISIVENESSEpiscopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson with his homosexual ‘spouse’  will say a prayer at one of President-elect Obama‘s inauguration events.  Location: the Lincoln Memorial.   Apparently this is a nod to all the homosexuals who came unglued because Obama invited Rev. Rick Warren to pray the invocation at the formal inaugural.  Warren, you see, is a traditional Christian minister who heeds Scripture.  Robinson is otherwise, a man responsible for the terrible split in the Anglican Church, worldwide.   Warren’s crime?  Ministering in love to the gay community, and at the same time, opposing gay marriage.  Capital offense doncha know?

ALL THE GET GO ON GITMO:  [From Roger Hedgecock, 1.14.09]

61 Ex-Gitmo detainees have returned to terrorism.  “Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said 18 former detainees are confirmed as “returning to the fight” and 43 are suspected of having done in a report issued late in December by the Defense Intelligence Agency.”  Now we are closing Gitmo and there are claims we are torturing, and the fix is what?  Bringing jihadists to court so that they can wage jihad in court?! Come on.

[Compiled by Allan Erickson starting 1.7.09]

So, here we are, 60 days after the presidential election. We elected clowns who are appointing clowns. And we are surprised it’s a circus?!  We just elected the least qualified individual in history to assume the Presidency, so is it any wonder he is displaying his lack of executive experience by nominating people who are likewise unqualified or ill-suited?

>Soon we get to enjoy a $24 million inaugural festooned with protests by gays, and protests by pro-lifers, and who knows, perhaps a riot sparked by a few Palestinians as well?

>More massive bailouts are planned: funded by printing funny money, which only devalues the dollar and puts off the inevitable. Anyone for a round of Monopoly?  Spending our way our of recession?  It’s never worked before, why now?

>On the foreign policy front the Obama team wants to open “dialogue” with Hamas.  Perhaps we should also open a dialogue with Charles Manson to learn how best to get along with murderous psychopaths.

>Sounding like a conservative, Obama promises tax cuts. What will you do with your $500? Run right down to Walmart and stimulate the economy!  Paul Krugman, “expressing his conscience as a liberal,” says Obama is way wrong to behave like Bush concerning Tax Cuts!  Other Democrats, including Pelosi and Frank, are actively opposing Obama’s tax cuts in certain areas.   There will have to be some tax increases to fund the stimulus and global poverty relief and global abortion services, but we’ll get to all that in 2010 presumably.

>Obama promises cuts in federal spending in critical areas, like national defense, and increases in entitlement spending which aggravates our economic woes. The Obama “stimulus plan” being rammed down our throats will put 600,000 people on the government payroll. (I hear the FBI is hiring, or are they?)  What better way to resucitate the economy than putting our granchildren in hock?

>Obama promises tax increases on “the rich” and on “corporations” and on “small businesses,” all of which promises economic depression.

>Massive deficits and national debt are nothing to worry about say incoming administration officials and Clinton’s econo-guy Robert Reich.

>Obama Illinois colleague/ally/or whatever Gov. Blago is arrested/impeached, appoints Burris to replace Obama in the Senate, Reid goes ballistic, refuses to seat Burris, then backs off after being called a racist, saying “I don’t work for Obama.” It’s the Chicago Way one supposes, or is it now the D.C. Way? Obama got Harry on the phone and ripped him a new one.  Liberals begin feeding on Reid’s carcass while Obama heads over to the White House to have lunch with Bush 1, Bush 2, Jimmy “apartheid” Carter and Slick Willy.  It was all very friendly and bipartisan.  Early on it was revealed in the last six years,  Burris and his consulting firm have donated about $15,000 to Blago’s campaigns, begging the question:  did the Governor wind up selling Obama’s Senate seat afterall?!

>Eric Holder is Obama’s designee for Attorney General.  Holder agreed with Reno and Clinton that CIA should not communicate with FBI, one of the reasons we failed to prevent 9/11.  Oh yeah.  Let’s go back and repeat fatal mistakes.  Cut intelligence, hamper intelligence gathering, hurt our military, and hope for the best.   Geez.  HOLDER AGREES WITH BUSH THAT THE  GENEVA CONVENTIONS  DO NOT APPLY TO AL-QAEDA!  (But of course this is lost on the likes of Joe Klein.)  And on top of all this, there is the controversy  surrounding Holder’s involvement in freeing  FALN terrorists.   Right!  Confirmation hearings today (updated 1.15.09] and we forgot all about the Marc Rich pardon!

>Hillary “The Hammer” Clinton is nominated for Secretary of State: a loose cannon as chief diplomat. (If they attack Israel, obliterate Iran! Putin has no soul. Force China to embrace women’s rights.  Global warming is a national security issue.) Her only real qualification appears to be her leverage, and Obama seems willing to comply, leaving Camilla Paglia to wonder aloud what dirt Hillary has on Obama. Confirmation hearings are underway today. We are hearing about conflict of interest given the millions shoveled Bill’s way by foreign powers!  And, by the way, remember Hillary accusing Obama of voter fraud and dirty tricks during the primaries?  (Shame on you Barack Obama!)  Apparently, all is forgiven, once she was nominated. Leverage.  Finally, she has told the Senate confirmation committee she will operate not as an ideologue.  Really?  Will through the brakes on ideology after 35 years of ideological struggle?

>Rumor has it Bill will replace Hillary in the Senate. Won’t that make the Obama administration a mere reflection of the 90s eh?  Or will it be Caroline Kennedy or Cuomo?  More mud wrestling ahead!

>There remain questions about Obama’s foreign campaign contributors, but pundits say no investigation is planned by the Federal Elections Commission because of political gridlock there.

>About a dozen lawsuits continue to challenge the citizenship status of the President Elect, raising the question about his eligibility to serve as President: obviously a right-wing conspiracy, or a Clinton conspiracy, or a Christian conspiracy.

>Over at CIA, agents are scratching their heads wondering what Panetta will do to help them fight the war on terror, and apparently Panetta has the temerity to actually accept the appointment. Most intelligence experts, including Dianne Feinstein, are aghast Obama would nominate Panetta, a man who has as much business running CIA as Franken has being a Senator.  Rove just told O’Reilly it was Panetta who agreed with Clinton that originating  rendition was a good thing, but now they are all totally against it even though it has been successful.  However, Prof. Richard Russell has a different take on the Panetta nomination, saying he will likely do well given his experience as Clinton’s chief of staff.

>And it goes on and on! Bill Richardson has to withdraw from Obama’s nomination he serve as commerce secretary when it’s revealed Richardson is being investigated for financial irregularities involving campaign contributions and that controversy may spill over to implicate Obama as well. Word is Obama is rebounding nicely from this embarrassing circus performance, tagging the Governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire (!), a women elected twice by the narrowest margins (very controversial ballot counts driven by Franken operatives too!), a woman who cried on camera when her dog died, a woman who approved an anti-Christ atheist display next to a nativity scene at the state capitol just recently. On to Commerce! (Yikes, another circus act!)

>Al Qaeda blames Obama for war in Gaza.
>Gays call Obama a traitor for inviting Rick Warren to pray at the inauguration.
>Environmentalists criticize Obama’s public works program saying his idea of building roads will aggravate global warming.
>Al Gore obviously despises Obama.
>Joe Biden can’t get into a decent movie theatre. Cheney swears in Biden and almost heaved having to shake his filthy hand.

>Breaking News!  Howling Howard Dean feels snubbed by Obama.  Tough, tough, tough.

>Obama names the governor of Arizona — Janet Napolitano — to head Homeland Security and she has ZERO, ZIP, NADA relevant experience smack dab in the middle of a global war on terror and increasing dangers brought by illegal immigration. Never mind she has no experience in disaster response either.

>To head Dept. of Education? Arnie Duncan, Chicago “educator” sympathetic to the Bill Ayers school of social disintegration, promoter of gayness systemically. Nice. (Class! Class! You are genetically little different from chimps and you could have been aborted so sit still and listen or you’ll be shipped off to Havana! Now there’s a nice class.)

>To head Interior? Ken Salazar. Environmentalists don’t like him. Conservative Christians don’t like him. Perfect!

>To head Labor?  Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA.), very pro-Union, unclear where she stands on secret ballots for workers considering unionization.  Most Americans are not unionized.  Many workers believe union organizers are more of a threat than management.  Will this new administration force unionization by making it easier for organizers to force workers to join up? 

>Obama names a radical La Raza Fem, Cecilia Munoz, to serve as intergovernmental communications director, a woman who would like to see the U.S. turn over to Mexico various states, including Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. She also thinks it would be great to let all 12-20 million illegal aliens become citizens overnight, regardless of their criminal history, and those who oppose amnesty are motivated by hate, she says.

>And now we hear Sanjay Gupta, Obama’s answer to Joycelyn “We all die of something” Elders, is to be Obama’s surgeon general. Krugman and  Conyers are critical of Obama. Krugman, trophy-winning economist, fancies himself an expert on all matters, including healthcare, and says Gupta is a nutjob because he dared to challenge Michael Moore’s ‘facts’ in the film Sicko. Now there’s a circus act. The President should consider Michael Moore before appointing somebody to high office? Right Paul. Are you bucking for treasury secretary? Shall we run that by Michael Moore? Shoot, why not make Michael Moore head of the CIA? (Hey! Gupta’s cool. Leave him alone Paul!)

>Now, Gupta apparently thinks nationalized healthcare run by the feds is a bad idea, but Obama’s nominee for secretary of Health & Human Services believes we have to have universal healthcare, like Canada and England, where people stand in line for months for hip replacement, and by the time they get under the knife, they need their knees replaced too!   Tom Daschle is Obama’s man for socialized medicine, everyone’s favorite hyper-partisan from S. Dakota, run out of the Senate for being a general pain in the neck.

>Reported by The Heritage Foundation yesterday:  “Carol Browner, Obama’s new Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, used to be listed as a member of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society for Socialist International. That’s right, Socialist International. As of today, however, her bio was taken off the site.”  (Global warming as another hammer nailing the lid on the coffin of capitalism?)

>Chris Dodd and Charles The Rangel are under investigation for malfeasance in office, people think Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, is little more than a mafia thug, Rezko might spill the beans, and the Rev. Wright has a book out!

>Then along comes Nancy Pelosi opening the 111th Congress by  blocking Republicans  from having any legislative input, contrary to tradition and the idea of an open legislative process, as the FRC points out, thwarting Obama’s promise to bring open and bipartisan government.  Welcome to Pelosi’s power play toward tyranny.

What was that Speaker Pelosi? Something about the culture of corruption and how the Dems were going to usher in the golden age of ethics reform, all goodness and light? Shall we mention Barney Frank ($40,000 Fannie Mae campaign contribution), Jack Murtha, William Jefferson, Eliot Spitzer and all the allegations/investigations/evidence of corruption?

Those of us who predicted an Obama administration would be weak and stupid like the Carter administration were only partially right. This administration appears hell bent on being every bit as corrupt and shameful as the Clinton administration as well, and thus, Obama will do more damage than Clinton and Carter combined.

Clowns can really foul up the works in only 60 days if they put their minds to it! Makes you wonder what the circus will look like in 6 months! Just wait! Who will be national intelligence director? Pluto? How about Yosemite Sam to head up the Post Office, and can we get Daffy Duck to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs? (Duck season! Rabbit season! Duck season! Rabbit season! Fire! Blam!)

Onward to 2012, if we make it that far!

(PS: Say something nice? OK. He kept Gates on board. Score one. And, gas is only $1.69 a gallon!)

Bush, Biden, Obama, Blame and Bluster

October 25, 2008

By Allan Erickson



Remarkable.  Astounding.  It isn’t enough to blame George W. Bush for all of recent history, worldwide.  It isn’t enough to blame the man for global warming, hurricanes, declining test scores, racism, economic crises around the world, Islamic terrorism, Russian expansionism, and Iranian nuclear ambitions.


Now it’s game to blame Bush for future events: he is responsible for whatever will happen, but only if it’s bad.  Anything good that happens will be credited to another account.


The remarkable and astounding Sen. Joe Biden said in Seattle Oct. 19:


“Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year old senator president of the United States of America.  Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”


People were understandably alarmed.  What could Biden be referencing?  What does he know that we do not know?


The FBI reports Al Qaeda is planning a post-election attack, surmising they’ll wait until after Nov. 4 in deference to Sen. Obama’s campaign.  Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda have already made it clear they prefer an Obama White House.  Why would they test the mettle of someone they like?  Biden declined elaboration: nice of him to stir the pot and leave the flame flickering; very vice-presidential don’t you think?  Do you call it fear mongering?


Intelligence reports indicate Iran is planning a pre-emptive strike against Israel.  The Russians and the Venezuelans have been playing military games in the Caribbean.  The Chinese still have Taiwan stuck in their craw.  Nuclear Pakistan is volatile. Nuclear North Korea faces food riots.


Who knows what Biden was saying and why?  Many people wonder out loud if he knows what he is saying, and why. Perhaps he was getting us ready for a Russian invasion of the Ukraine?  Sen. Obama was obviously embarrassed by Sen. Biden’s “rhetorical flourish.”


Sen. Biden has been in the U.S. Senate since we had Nixon to kick around.  He has served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years, now its chairman.  In that position he has access to intelligence seen only by the President and a handful of others.  Sen. Biden knows things few people ever know. He is supposedly trusted to maintain confidentiality.


Didn’t Bush summon both Obama and McCain to the White House for briefings given the elevated terror chatter and threats reported just recently?


So, in the wake of Biden’s remarks and high level briefings, Sen. Obama tried calming fears, explaining away Biden’s flourish:


“We are going to face a number of threats and tests and challenges because for the last eight years we’ve had a policy, a bad set of policies, that have resulted in two unresolved wars, bin Laden and al-Qaeda communicating regularly and training folks to potentially attack America and an economy that has been in a free fall.”


All Bush’s fault you see?  The future’s not ours to see, but whatever comes down, it is the fault of GWB, you see?


According to BHO it is folksy the way Al Qaeda plans attacks. Isn’t it convenient to blame the future shortcomings of the presumed Obama administration on Bush? Isn’t it interesting how Biden prepares us for catastrophe while ushering in Camelot, urging BHO boosters to stand by their man no matter the cost?  It’s a kind of mass inoculation to silence critics before they realize there’s something to critique.   


If it is reasonable and right to blame GWB for whatever international crises we experience in the next four years, is it also right and reasonable to blame Bill Clinton for 9/11?  How about blaming Carter for a radicalized Iran, or for Fannie Mae?  Presumably, we can also blame Obama’s successor for attacks during an Obama administration.


For now, we are assured the war on terror is not the fault of terrorists.   It’s Bush’s fault.   Global economic devastation is not the fault of Fannie Mae, liberalism, corruption on Wall Street and in the halls of power in D.C.  It’s Bush’s fault. 


And whatever goes wrong at the Round Table these next four years?  You guessed it!  Bush’s fault!


The sheep bleat, nod approval, and follow without question.


(And they say American “adults” suffer from an inability or unwillingness to take personal responsibility?) 


Well, come January 21st, at least we won’t have GWB to kick around anymore. 


Or will we?


Perhaps we can blame him for keeping our children safe for seven years, for liberating 25 million Iraqis, for liberating 20 million Afghans, for decimating Al Qaeda, for marginalizing Kaddafi, for containing the Taliban, and striking fear into Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syrian. 


No.  That would be too charitable, and too politically inexpedient.


It is hard to imagine a President McCain blaming others.



PS:  It is to laugh, listening to Obama and Biden preach about economic development and the middle class.   They’ve have never worked in the private sector.  They’ve never run a business.  They’ve never had to make payroll.  All they have ever done is feed at the public trough, yet they presume to tell us how this economy works, and how it should work, by insisting the government steal from productive, hardworking Americans, to subsidize the so-called disenfranchised.  And then, adding insult to injury, Obama and Biden decry the very class warfare they aggravate, and claim any critic is a racist etc.  They’ve got you comin’ and goin’ America, and you are willingly stumbling right into the pit.  You think Fannie Mae was a disaster?  That was only a foretaste, just like 9/11.


PPS:  Holding to the logic of senators Biden and Obama, should we blame JFK for Vietnam and the Cuban missile crisis and a prolonging of the Cold War?


PPPS:  You notice something curious.  GWB doesn’t ever blame anyone else.  You never hear him condemn the Democrats.  Interesting…